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Permabec is a consulting, recruiting and selection firm in Information Technology. Our firm is based on business expertise of its partners and the responsiveness of its organization.
Our expertise in the field of Human Resources is supported by a perfect understanding of modern communication tools, enabling us to anticipate our clients' needs.

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Our list of services
   Service 1 Information Technology recruiting    Service 3 Small & Medium businesses project development
   Service 2 IT Consulting for the large companies    Service 4 Support and maintenance of computer systems for SMEs.
Your satisfaction means balance between speed and opportunity
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Intervene as soon as possible
Whether for consultation, for a targeted recruitment or development of a large computer system, we operate by deploying our network and our expertise quickly.
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Select the best profiles
Knowledge, skills and motivation for the position are measured. A reference check is conducted consistently professional.
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Professionnal firm
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